Kiki van Gurp – Sworn translator Dutch-English and English-Dutch

You’re looking for a sworn translator to securely translate your document or text from Dutch to English or from English to Dutch? Then look no further, but send me an e-mail. Below is a list of several of the translation assignments I have completed until now.

Translation assignments

  • Check and correction English-language text for an event organisation (website)
  • Check and correction Dutch-language text for an event organisation (website)
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English annual income statement
  • Long-term assignment for a publishing company based in The Netherlands. The work includes checking English-language manuscripts, ensuring author guidelines are followed, some editing and correcting of proofs, contact with authors and editors
  • Translation Dutch-English subsidy application plus correction of Dutch text
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Instrument of inheritance plus required appendices
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Inheritance tax return
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Havo diploma and list of marks
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English marriage certificate
  • Translation Dutch-English part of a theatrical text
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Certificate of nationality
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Will and Extract of a death certificate
  • Translation Dutch-English website texts for craft beer brewery located in the Netherlands
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English instrument of registration of divorce
  • Translation Dutch-English large number of articles regarding trust office regulations
  • Correction, editing and some translation Dutch-English Trust Officer training modules
  • Translation Dutch-English text on Works Council
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Judgment
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Official report
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Life certificate
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English list of marks and study reports
  • Translation Dutch-English (11,500 words) commissioned by Lingua Skills (translation agency)
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Tax return form income tax
  • Translation English-Dutch and text correction regarding Nasan Tur (Galerie West, The Hague)
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Will
  • Translation Dutch-English website NEOC B.V.
  • Sworn translation English-Dutch Articles 10 – 10.6 + cover page constitution
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Instrument of transfer of title
  • Text correction and editing Dutch-English text book
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English bank statements
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Naturalisation request
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English document regarding shares
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English Certificate of appointment executor
  • Translation English-Dutch surtitles The Beard of God by Hotel Modern
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English driver’s licences
  • Translation Dutch-English brochure and text for website ecomobiel 2011
  • Sworn translation English-Dutch Birth certificate
  • Translation Dutch-English article Audrey Illouz (Nicolas Milhé) for Galerie West, The Hague
  • Translation English-Dutch article BLOK [magazine on bouldering]
  • Translation Dutch-English website ecomobiel 2010
  • Sworn translation Dutch-English two PIO card certificates
  • Translation English-Dutch various documents commissioned by Golf Cromvoirt Beheer, Den Bosch
  • Translation English-Dutch and editing ECR-M16
  • Translation Dutch-English brochure ‘Het Duet’
  • Translation Dutch-English Recruitment via LinkedIn
  • Text correction and translation English-Dutch Sekule Dunes
  • Translation and corrections Dutch-English website Angi Studio
  • Translation Dutch-English summary script commissioned by Volya Films, Rotterdam
  • Translation English-Dutch article Robles & Fendt for Sociaal Bestek, Reed Business Information, The Hague
  • Translation English-Dutch summaries for Gedrag & Organisatie, Reed Business Information, The Hague
  • Translation Dutch-English brochure International Productions Koninklijke Schouwburg [Royal Theatre], The Hague

Are you looking for a translator?

Should you need a translation, please e-mail me and I will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible, though within three working days at the latest.

Should you wish to consult my rates first, you can do so here.

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